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Exploring Italian Cuisine

Italian food is a surprisingly diverse cuisine. Each of the twenty Italian regions has a distinctive set of flavors, recipes, products, and ingredients.  In fact, the Italian regions were not officially united as a nation until the mid-19th century; therefore, each individual region has retained much of its exclusive identity.

Climate and natural landscape have played a major role in shaping regional cuisines. Creamy risotto and other delicately flavored dishes predominate in the Northern regions, while bright olive oil and tomato-based recipes rule the sunny South. 

Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

For us, it will always be about combining simple and honest dishes with healthy, homemade, and gluten free options. So, whether you find yourself dining with us for a casual get together with friends, or a special celebration, here, in Casa della  pasta - you're always in for a memorable experience!

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Our secret ? Simplicity and love for tradition. With  neapolitan pizzas on the menu we  guarantee quality, we have been researching the flavors of the past for more than six years. Guaranteed by the ingredients of Italy : from flour, tomatoes, to fiordilatte and EVO oil, everything comes from entrepreneur  who dedicate  his life to guarantee excellent techniques and flavors.


Casa della  pasta is another way to say "home", it’s about sharing and opening our hearts to others, while staying true to ourselves.

This is why if you look into our pasta, you'll find the essence of what we are, how we work and what we believe in.

Being genuine is showing everyone what we’re made of and it makes us feel happy. You can try it too.

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